The tale of Aladdin, a poor boy who finds a magic lamp containing a genie and eventually marries a princess, is one of Scheherezade's from One Thousand and One Nights, and one of the best known. It has been told many times, in many forms and settings including opera, film, and of course many children's picture books. This one from 1934 and illustrated by C.H. Lawrence is a fine example.

The vivid imagery of Aladdin's story is one reason it is so beloved over such a long period of time. The cave with its jeweled walls, the all powerful lamp, the genie's sudden appearances, the Sultan's court and the beautiful Princess all these are wonderfully rendered by the artist C.H. Lawrence. Paired with a text that keeps the story's potency, but simplifies it for younger readers this is a wonderful Aladdin for parents and children to share.

Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp

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  • We do not know much about C.H. Lawrence, other than that he or she was active in American publishing in the early part of the 20th century. Many American illustrators of this period are similarly uncelebrated, many even uncredited. But we do know that C.H. Lawrence was a very talented illustrator of children's books.

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