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by Rafik Schami (Author), Els Cools (Illustrator), Oliver Streich (Illustrator)


In this warm hearted picture book, two farmyard outcasts take solace in their taboo friendship . . . when Lila, a chicken, cottons to Albert, a pig.

Alberto Y Lila

  • Rafik Schami was born in the Syrian capital Damascus in 1946, where he founded a newspaper Al-Muntalek displayed on the walls of the old city.In 1971 he emigrated to Germany, where he worked in factories and restaurants while studying chemistry and writing for newspapers and journals.Eight years later he graduated with a Ph.D. and then in 1980 founded the literary group 'Sudwind' (South wind) and a multi-cultural organization called 'PoLiKunst-Verein'. He received several literary prizes including the Hermann-Hesse-Preis and the Prix de Lecture. His latest novel Die dunkle Seite der Liebe (The Dark Side of Love) was published by Hanser in 2004.Rafik Schami has written this book with the culinary help of his sister Marie Fadel.

  •  ISBN-13: 978-0735816947

    Age Range: 5 and up Hardcover

    32 pages

    Publisher: North-South

    1 Tra edition (August 1, 2002)

    Language: Spanish

    Out of Print


    - Pigs -Chickens - Foxes -Individuality - Spanish language materials

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