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by Gloria Estefan


Gloria Estefan's third Spanish-language album, Alma Caribena ("Caribbean Soul"), provides proof that Cuban music is where this household name does her most impressive work. With arrangements pitched lower than those for her often-flyweight pop ballads, the disc finds Estefan singing in a register that allows for a richer range of expression. The smart melding of traditional and cosmopolitan styles also speaks to a desire on Estefan's part for more creative sounds than the average Diane Warren tune can support. A cameo by the great Celia Cruz on "Tres Gotas de Agua Bendita" is as much a symbolic triumph as a musical one, but again demonstrates that Estefan's instincts are in the right place. A Latin-pop crossover star more than a decade before Ricky Martin, she makes a declaration on Alma Caribena for the true music of her heart. 


1.    "Por Un Beso" 
2.    "Punto De Referencia" 
3.    "Dame Otra Oportunidad"  
4.    "Como Me Duele Perderte" 
5.    "Te Tengo A Tí"  
6.    "Tres Gotas De Agua Bendita" (Duet with Celia Cruz) 
7.    "Nuestra Felicidad"  
8.    "La Flor y Tu Amor"   

9.    "Me Voy"
10.    "Solo Por Tu Amor"  
11.    "Tengo Que Decirte Algo" (Duet with Jose Feliciano)
12.    "No Me Dejes De Querer" 
13.    "No Me Dejes De Querer" ("Flores" Del Caribe Mix - Radio Edit)

Gloria Estefan : Alma Caribena - Caribbean Soul

SKU: B00004TB7R
  • Audio CD (May 20, 2011)
    Original Release Date: May 23, 2000
    Number of Discs: 1
    Label: Epic
    Run Time: 55 minutes

    Gently Used


    - salsa

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