by Ingrid Schubert, Deiter Schubert

A book about friendly animals of all stripes and colors, from every corner of the globe, growing, playing, swimming, flying, hunting, feeding, and dying. These pictures are precisely drawn in pencil and then carefully fleshed out with watercolors in such a way that no matter how complicated the scene (in one picture, over 70 different species can be counted), every detail can be surveyed nothing gets lost in the whole. The illustrations are imaginatively conceived big tableaux, little scenes juxtaposed with one another, pictures laid out like diagrams (e.g., tracing the growth of a butterfly)and very animated. Although the animals in this book are sometimes aggressive toward others shown, they are amiable enough toward readers. The text a rhyme or two per page doesn't quite live up to the pictures; amid a few felicitous lines  are flat ones: ``Sometimes life is brutally stopped/one animal catches another and eats it up.'' 

Amazing Animals

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  • About The Author Ingrid and Dieter Schubert, a husband and wife team, are the creators of many award-winning picture books for children including Amazing Animals, recipient of a National Parenting Publications Gold Award and Where is My Monkey?, recipient of a Golden Brush award (a Dutch award for best illustrated book). The Schuberts were both born and raised in Germany. Their first effort, There's a Crocodile Under my Bed! was an immediate success and was published in 14 countries. Now their many books for children are available in 21 languages. ISBN-13:9781886910058 Publisher:Lemniscaat USA Publication date:08/20/1991 Pages:40 Age Range:4 - 8 Years Animals