by Johnny Ryan

Johnny Ryan is the "Louis C.K. of funny books," and this is an omnibus of all fourteen issues of his taboo-busting, career-defining series Angry Youth Comics—the stories, the covers, and even the letters pages.
For the first time, all fourteen issues of Johnny Ryan’s career-defining comic book series Angry Youth Comics (2000–2008) are collected in one place: all the comics, the covers, and even the contentious letters pages, in one toilet-ready brick. Johnny Ryan’s utterly unpretentious, taboo-tackling is an infectious and hilarious bombardment of political incorrectness, taking full advantage of the medium’s absurdist potential for maximum laughs. In an age when the medium is growing up and aspiring to more mature and hoity-toity literary heights, Ryan builds on the visceral tradition that cartooning has had on our collective funny bone for over a century.

SBN-13: 9781606998113
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
Publication date: 4/5/2015
Pages: 424
Product dimensions: 7.50 (w) x 10.80 (h) x 1.60 (d)