by Bryan Ballinger

Every kid knows that nothing's funnier than a fart joke. And it's also a universal truth (and mysterious fact) that people don't mind the smell of their own farts. "Animal Gas" explores this hilarious concept through a parade of animals who describe why they don't think their own farts stink against the truth about how they REALLY smell!"

Animal Gas: A Farty Farce

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  • About The Author Bryan Ballinger has been a professional illustrator and cartoonist for 20 years, for clients such as Nintendo, Disney, Microsoft, Harley-Davidson, Nabisco, NBC, and others. He has an MFA in writing for young people and currently teaches illustration and digital animation at a college in Indiana. ISBN 9781454916161 Publisher Sterling Children's Books, 2015 Length 32 pages - Animals -Humorous stories - Stories in rhyme -Flatulence