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The 4D Batman Gotham city time puzzle from 4D Cityscape takes you to the city of Gotham with iconic locations such as Wayne manor, Gotham city police department, iceberg casino & lounge and more! this unique puzzle has three layers and four dimensions. The first dimension is a jigsaw map, the second is a topography map and the third has 3D models and replicas. The fourth dimension is that of time, represented by a time poster that tracks Gotham's development through time. An official guide to Gotham is included, detailing everything you need to know about the famous city. Ideal for a Batman fan or a newcomer, this puzzle measures 32" x 19.2" x 6"
You can turn on the LED Bat Signal to call for help and bring Gotham City to life. It's time for you to tackle crime with this four-dimensional jigsaw puzzle that details the regions and neighborhoods of Gotham City. You will be a master of the streets by the time you complete this intricate puzzle, leaving criminals nowhere to hide.


1200-piece base map of Gotham City
300 foam pieces to create Gotham Island
162 buildings and landmarks from the famous city
Official guide full of facts and trivia about Gotham city
Real, working LED Bat Signal light
note: Batteries not included 

4D Cityscape Puzzle: Batman - Gotham City

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    Pub Date: July 31, 2016


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