by Thomas Keller, Sebastien Rouxel, Deborah Jones (Photographer)

Winner, IACP Cookbook Award for Food Photography & Styling (2013)

Baked goods that are marvels of ingenuity and simplicity from the famed Bouchon Bakery

The tastes of childhood have always been a touchstone for Thomas Keller, and in this dazzling amalgam of American and French baked goods, you'll find recipes for the beloved TKOs and Oh Ohs (Keller's takes on Oreos and Hostess's Ho Hos) and all the French classics he fell in love with as a young chef apprenticing in Paris: the baguettes, the macarons, the mille-feuilles, the tartes aux fruits.

Co-author Sebastien Rouxel, executive pastry chef for the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, has spent years refining techniques through trial and error, and every page offers a new lesson: a trick that assures uniformity, a subtlety that makes for a professional finish, a flash of brilliance that heightens flavor and enhances texture. The deft twists, perfectly written recipes, and dazzling photographs make perfection inevitable.

2013 IACP Cookbook Award Winner for Food Photography and Styling

Bouchon Bakery

  • he New York Times Book Review …oversize and sumptuous…As the pages turn, things get more complex, but instructional photos assist, and the book retains a sense of whimsy. —William Grimes Publishers Weekly In his newest patisserie manifesto, Keller (Ad Hoc at Home) successfully takes on the world of artisan baking. Based on the recipes and experience at his Bouchon Bakery in Napa, this testament to "pastry chefs and bread bakers" lives up to the standard set by one of America's premier chefs. Covering all areas of baking, Keller has something for anyone interested in putting something in the oven. From the simple (corn muffins and rum cake) to the complex (pate a choux and multi-grain bread), and describing multiple stages of preparation, the book rests on the premise of "working clean." Beautifully displayed, the clear and precise recipes are a breeze to follow. Multiple introductions by Keller and the head staff at Bouchon Bakery provide an appreciation for the art, while the many added sections on technique (e.g., how to weigh ingredients properly ) and equipment (e.g., parchment paper ) illuminate the science and precision necessary for delicious results. Perhaps not the best choice for those in search of quick and easy comestibles, this lovely volume is a must-have for cooks who want to take baking to the next level. 250 color photos. (Oct.) ISBN-13: 9781579654351 Publisher: Artisan Publication date: 10/23/2012 Pages: 400 Product dimensions: 11.20 (w) x 11.30 (h) x 1.50 (d) - Cooking | Methods | Baking - Cooking | Courses & Dishes | Bread - Cooking | Courses & Dishes | Desserts - Cooking | Regional & Ethnic | French - Cooking | Individual Chefs & Restaurants - Baking -Bouchon Bakery - Cookbooks