By Dan Richards, Illustrated by: Jeff Newman

Dan Richards teams up with celebrated artist, Jeff Newman, to share a funny and vibrant picture book about how powerful a child’s imagination can be…with a little encouragement.

Evan asks a simple question, “Can one balloon make an elephant fly?”

At first, his mother is too busy to answer. But when she takes the time to play the game with her son…magic happens.

Can One Balloon Make an Elephant Fly?

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  • Dan Richards makes his home in the far, wet reaches of the Pacific Northwest (also known as Bothell, Washington) with his wife and two beautiful redheaded children. He has been known to confer with visiting pachyderms, helping calculate the lifting capacity of helium and tensile strength of latex. Can One Balloon Make an Elephant Fly? 

  • ISBN 9781442452152

    publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

    40 pages

    release: August 2016


    -Zoo animals -Balloons -Flight -Mother and child