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by Wawa Hohhot, Christopher Corr
who loves a city named
New York-
And of how she exposes the fashion industry's

Children's Literature - Keri Collins
Wawa Hohhot is a Cashmere goat from Mongolia who makes it big in the Big Apple after Mr. Saks mistakes her for a model and invites her to be in his upcoming Wild About Cashmere fashion show. As her family explores New York City, Wawa experiences Saks Fifth Avenue. She's whisked through the shoe department, undergoes a hair transformation in the famous Red Door Salon, then makes her way through the perfume department and make-up counter. Finally, Wawa struts her stuff at the fashion show on the roof of Saks, where her true identity is revealed. Fortunately for Wawa, famous fashion designers Jean Paul Goutier and Yves Saint Bernard announce their animal natures in a show of solidarity, and the rest is fashion history. Christopher Corr's bright and busy illustrations convey New York City's energy. The details, fascinating yet small, make the book better suited for viewing in groups of two or three than as a story-time read-aloud. Clearly, this is not a traditional children's picture book, and readers might question the appropriateness of humor geared toward grown-ups; for example, a cab driver with an unpronounceable ethnic name who overcharges for a cab ride from the airport, references to knockoffs lacking taste, and even an appearance by The Naked Cowboy. The adult subject matter, namely haute couture and its pricey fabric, led to the discovery that the book is a collaboration between Saks Fifth Avenue and HarperCollins, with Senior Vice President of Marketing at Saks, Terron Schaefer, receiving the "as told to" credit for envisioning this marketing strategy for their chain-wide holiday promotion of cashmere. While this book may appeal to aspiring models and young fashionistas, only small segments of the school-age population will find this book accessible.

Cashmere If You Can

SKU: 9780060896324
  • Age Range: 4 and up

    Hardcover: 40 pages

    Publisher: HarperCollins (February 1, 2006)

    Language: English


    - Fiction | Action & Adventure

    - Juvenile Fiction | Animals | Farm Animals -Kashmir goat -Goats

    - Saks & Company (New York, N.Y.)

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