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by Benjamin Darling


Santa, as you might imagine, is an easygoing guy, jolly, and eager to like and to be liked. He takes no pleasure in making up the list of naughty boys and girls. But there is one thing Santa Claus does not care for and that is when people put out store bought cookies for him on Christmas Eve. This is not to say that Santa does not enjoy the occasional Oreo, Thin Mint or Nutter Butter, but rather that when he has taken the time to come right to ones house to deliver one's gifts in person he would like to know that we have made an effort on his behalf as well.

Cookies For Santa does not purport to contain Santa's very favorite cookie recipes, but we will say that have we know a lot about Santa, having read numerous biographies, and having seen most of the biopics about him. Thus we feel that we understand his tastes pretty well and we have selected recipes based on our understanding of him and what we think he would like.

Cookies for Santa

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  • Benjamin Darling is an author and publisher who, together with his family, manages The Laughing Elephant, a publisher of books and gift products celebrating the ideals and illustrations of the past.

  • ISBN:  9781595833754
    Publisher: Laughing Elephant     
    Binding: Hardcover
    Pub Date: September 01, 2009
    Copyright Date: 2009

    Pages: 65


    - Holiday

    - Christmas

    - cooking

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