by Maria Gianferrari, Bagram Ibatoulline

A howl in the night. 

A watchful eye in the darkness.

A flutter of movement among the trees. 


In the dark of the night, a mother coyote stalks prey to feed her hungry pups. Her hunt takes her through a suburban town, where she encounters a mouse, a rabbit, a flock of angry geese, and finally an unsuspecting turkey on the library lawn.


Perhaps Coyote's family won't go hungry today. 

Coyote Moon

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  • About The Author Hot diggety dog! Maria Gianferrari’s a lucky dog—she gets to write stories about cats and dogs, and when she’s dog-tired, she can catnap in her office. Maria lives in northern Virginia with her cat’s meow of a family: her scientist husband, artist daughter, top dog, Becca, and lone rat, Lucia. To learn more about Maria, ISBN-13:9781626720411 Publisher:Roaring Brook Press Publication date:07/19/2016 Pages:32 Age Range:4 - 8 Years - Juvenile Nonfiction | Animals | Wolves & Coyotes - Science & Nature | Environmental Science & Ecosystems - Coyote -Urban animals - Nocturnal animals