for the Aspiring Debutante
by Oliver Herford

In a beautiful new edition faithful to the cheeky and whimsical 1931 original, The Deb's Dictionary continues to delight even the most modern young women and men. Defining Ambidextrous as "not letting your right hand know who is holding your left," Oliver Herford goes right on down through the alphabet of your average Debutante's vocabulary to Zero, "a vacant garter--the coldest thing there is." Seventy of Oliver Herford's original racy and raucous drawings accompany over 500 definitions that depict the Debs in their natural habitats. The charming ink sketches accompany Mr. Herford's tongue-in-cheek notions of a Filly as "an equine Deb," Nudge as "the language of the elbow," and Loyal as "too true to be good."
Designed to preserve its vintage character, this adorable book has a two-color foil-stamped case and cream-colored interior pages packed with a vocabulary that ranges from fabulous--"Belle: A Deb who never goes to bed the same day she gets up"--to flirtatious--"Minx: The flapper who flaps where angels fear to flutter--to facetious--"Dirty look: a modern form of apology." A delightful confection from A to Z, The Deb's Dictionary is a little bit devilish, but mostly divine.

ISBN-13: 9781599620299
Publisher: Welcome Enterprises
Publication date: 9/11/2007
Edition description: REV
Edition number: 2
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 5.78 (w) x 8.09 (h) x 0.64 (d)

Deb's Dictionary: The Essential A to Z Guide

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  • Humor | General -Debutantes

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