by K. G. Campbell

A surprising and laugh-out-loud showdown between two pint-sized super-villains, perfect for young fans of Despicable Me.

Dylan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Snivels, have always told him that he is the very best and cleverest super-villain in the whole wide world. And Dylan's confident that it's true—until he starts school and meets Addison Van Malice. Sure, Dylan's costume is scary. But Addison Van Malice's is bone-chilling. And yes, Dylan's laugh is crazy. But Addison Van Malice's is bananas. And Dylan's inventions are certainly super-villainous. But Addison Van Malice's are demonic! When their teacher, Ms. Ick, announces a Diabolical Robot Building Contest, Dylan sees his opportunity to prove that he really is the most evil villain of all. But Addison's not giving in without a fight. And so begins a competition of skill and wits that doesn't go the way anyone expected...

Dylan the Villain

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  • ISBN-13:9780451476425 Publisher:Penguin Young Readers Group Publication date:03/08/2016 Pages:32 Age Range:4 - 6 Years - Juvenile Fiction | Humorous Stories - School & Education - Comics & Graphic Novels | Superheroes - Supervillains -Competition (Psychology) - Schools -Humorous stories