by Jolene Thompson, Justin Thompson

As Fox wanders through a strange landscape, he cannot help but be reminded—at every corner—of the streams, the trees, and the family he once knew. Fox would like nothing more than to return to his home, but it seems the cityscape has built up around him.     
     Follow Fox as he looks for a way back home to the wild green land where every fox belongs. Back matter shows readers the creative ways humans are helping to mitigate habitat encroachment in our towns and cities.

Faraway Fox

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  • ISBN-13:9780544707115 Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publication date:09/06/2016 Pages:32 Age Range:4 - 7 Years - Juvenile Fiction | Nature & the Natural World | Environment - Recycling & Green Living - Animals | Foxes - Wildlife crossings -Habitat (Ecology) - Foxes