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by Mike Boldt 


Fergus wants to play hide and seek. But, look, there he is, hiding right in the middle of a big blank page!
"Found you, Fergus! That was too easy. Try hiding behind something." (Giant, furry Fergus hides behind a very tiny tree.)
"Oh, Fergus. Start by hiding in a crowd." (Fergus hides next to duck and a fox, who don't seem impressed.)
"A crowd is more than THREE, Fergus!" 


The hilarious mind behind I Don't Want to Be a Frog and Bad Dog brings picture book fans the super-funny, interactive story of Fergus the bear, who loves to play hide-and-seek with the reader . . . but can't really seem to get the hang of it.

Children will giggle from start to finish as they follow huge, loveable Fergus and see all the silly ways in which he is TERRIBLE at playing hide-and-seek -- such as hiding behind a VERY tiny tree ("Found you, Fergus! That was too easy!") or hiding in a giant crowd of bunnies and squirrels ("Try bears, Fergus. Bears!").

But wait -- the game isn't over yet! The last two pages fold out into a giant panoramic look-and-find scene, where Fergus is well and truly hidden, and young readers can have fun looking for him and lots of other silly details in the the crowd. There's a ton of play value in this adorable book, and children will want to come back to it again and again.

Find Fergus

SKU: 9781984849021
$18.99 Regular Price
$16.99Sale Price
  • Mike Boltd is an author and illustrator living in the countryside of Alberta, Canada. He is the illustrator of I Don't Want to Be a Frog and its sequels, and the author/illustrator of Bad Dog and Find Fergus. When he's not drawing, he's building snow forts and Lego spaceships with his three kids, or sharing laughs and his ice cream with his wife. 

  • ISBN: 9781984849021
    Publisher: Doubleday Books for Young Readers
    Binding: Hardcover
    Pub Date: November 03, 2020

    Target Age Group: 03 to 06

    Pages: 36


    -Bears    -Hide-and-seek

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