by Frank Remkiewicz for MerryMakers

"Frrrooggyy!" "Wha-a-a-a-a-t?" "Rise and shine, it's the first day of school!" Maybe he's a little nervous, and maybe it's a little hard to sit still when he gets to his classroom, but soon he's jumping and singing and everyone is joining in, even the principal!

Our colorful and charming Froggy Doll is ready to hop and skip along on any adventure. He's also soft, cuddly, and ready for a snuggle when quiet time is what you need.

Froggy is an exciting playtime pal, ready for any adventure that comes his way. His removable clothing increases his play value and his brightly colored shirt and shoes make him one fun frog! Froggy will be the featured character for the influential Illinois Reads summer library program 2016.

Froggy Striped Shirt Doll

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  • ISBN: 9781579823719

    Safe for All Ages.
    Recommended Age: 3-8
    Manufacturer: MerryMakers
    Publication date: 8/1/2012

    11" tall


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