Written and Illustrated by Nick Bantock

Beloved by millions the world over, Griffin & Sabine redefines the art of the novel. With its combination of lush illustration, creative storytelling, and the guilty pleasure of reading other people's correspondence, Griffin & Sabine is part romance, part mystery, and completely a work of art. Each turn of the page contains a new card or letter to be unfolded from its envelope, and is vibrant with wildly imaginative creatures, landscapes, and intrigue. Destined to become a collector's volume, this limited, 25th anniversary edition contains new artwork, an original postcard, and specially created decorative stamps, making this a book that is as rewarding to enjoy all over again—or to discover for the very first time.

Griffin and Sabine: 25th Anniversary Edition

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  • About The Author Nick Bantock, born and raised in England, now lives in Victoria, British Columbia. An acclaimed writer and artist, he is the author of books ranging from fiction to creative inspiration. His art is publicly and privately collected throughout the world. ISBN 9781452155951 7 3/4 x 7 3/4 in; 48 pp; Hardcover April 5, 2016 - Toy and movable books -Imaginary letters - Artists -Epistolary fiction - Fantasy fiction