Can we all agree that Hello Kitty is just plain adorable? She is! And you know what? People have been oohing and ahhing over her for 40 years! Can you believe that? But we think someone as great as Kitty needs a suitable celebration for her 40th birthday! Luckily, we're not alone in that thought. That's why we're able to bring you the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Pez Gift Set! A fitting celebration for everyone's favorite cat, the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Pez Gift Set is one of a kind! Each unit features Mama, Papa, Hello Kitty and her sister Mimi. That means you get 4 sweet Pez dispensers in each unit! The total candy net weight is 1.74 ounces. This limited edition set is too cute to pass up. And with 6 refill candy packs, you can be snacking Kitty-style for a while!

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary PEZ Gift Set

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