by Lita Judge

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a Velociraptor for a walk, or try to brush a Tyrannosaur's teeth? We think of dinosaurs as colossal giants, but how big were they REALLY?
With kid-friendly text and seriously silly illustrations, this fact-filled book puts dinosaurs next to modern animals so that you can see exactly how they size up. And a huge fold-out chart compares the dinos to each other, from the tiniest Microraptor to Argentinosaurus, the largest animal to ever walk the land.

How Big Were Dinosaurs?

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    Lita is the author and illustrator for over a dozen fiction and nonfiction picture books including Born in the Wild (Roaring Brook, 2014), Flight School (Simon & Schuster, 2014) and Red Sled (S&S, 2011). Her books have received numerous awards including the Sterling North Award, the Jane Addams Honor, ALA Notable and Kirkus Best of. She enjoys teaching both writing and illustration to students of all ages and shares much about her creative process in classrooms and on her blog and website. Lita lives with her husband, two cats and a little green parrot named Beatrix in Peterborough, New Hampshire


    Publisher:Roaring Brook Press

    Publication date:08/27/2013


    Age Range:6 - 9 Years


    - Juvenile Nonfiction | Animals | Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures

    - Size -JUVENILE NONFICTION / Animals -Dinosaurs


    An NPR Best Book of 2013