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by Jane Yolen, Mark Teague (Illustrator)

Filled with wonderful detail and humor, children and their parents will love the expressions and antics of the eleven different dinosaur children depicted here, and each species is spelled out somewhere in the young dinosaur's bedroom. In the end, young dinosaurs behave a lot like people do: They give a big kiss, turn out the light, tuck in their tails, and whisper "good night."

Here is a new staple for bedtime reading, a book children will ask for again and again.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight Doll

SKU: 9781579820534
$20.00 Regular Price
$17.99Sale Price
  • ISBN-13: 9781579820534

    Ages: 3-5
    Manufacturer: MerryMakers
    Publication date: 8/28/2001

    14 inches Tall


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