by Jason Carter Eaton, John RoccoFor kids who love trucks, here comes the definitive guide to catching and taming one of your own from the creators of the hit picture book How to Train a Train.Want a pet truck? Rumble up to this handy guidebook offering everything you need to know. Bone up on habitat: monster trucks like abandoned parking lots; moving trucks live in busy neighborhoods; ice-cream trucks and snowplows migrate in the winter. Pick the right breed for your home (a car transporter in a small apartment would not be a wise choice). Learn to identify your truck by its tire tracks, and soon, with the lure of some orange cones, you’ll have a loyal vehicle following you home, a happy hum under its hood. With an eighteen-wheeler-size nod to pet-care guides, Jason Carter Eaton and John Rocco put young readers in the driver’s seat for a road trip to truck-dreamer bliss.

How to Track a Truck

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  • About The Author Jason Carter Eaton - Hello, if you're reading this, that means you're not me. Cause I wrote it, but I'm not gonna read it. Same with all my books. I wrote each and every one of 'em. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit around and read 'em all again! Who's got time for that? But don't let that stop YOU from reading them. In fact, I encourage you to. Read them all and tell me what they're about, okay? Cause, um, there's a test on them on Monday and I'm not really prepared. Thanks! ISBN-13:9780763680657 Publisher:Candlewick Press Publication date:09/27/2016 Pages:32 Age Range:4 - 8 Years - Juvenile Fiction | Transportation | Cars & Trucks - Imagination & Play - Concepts | General