by Michael Nava


A Henry Rios Novel #3


Gay Los Angeles lawyer Henry Rios has misgivings about defending a known child molester accused of killing a porn peddler, even though the case against him is circumstantial at best. But research into the dead man's past sheds a frightening light on the murky circumstances of the murder -- bringing Rios face-to-face with a cold-blooded killer . . .


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  • Michael Nava lives outside San Francisco with his husband. His Henry Rios mystery series has been awarded six Lambda Literary Awards and he is the recipient of the Bill Whitehead Award for Lifetime Achievement in LGBT literature. He is also the author of an acclaimed historical novel, The City of Palaces, set in Mexico City at the beginning of the 1910 Mexican Revolution. Additionally, he wrote and produced the Henry Rios Mysteries podcast which adapts the first Rios novel into an 18-episode audio-drama and is available on various podcast platforms including Apple I-tunes and Spotify. His small press, Persigo Press, which currently publishes his work will expand to publish other LGBTQ and writers of color who work in genres beginning in fall, 2020.

  • ISBN: 9781733609135
    Publisher:    Persigo Press    
    Binding: Paperback
    Pub Date: July 15, 2019


    - Gay

    - Latino

    - Southern California

    - Mystery