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No More Teacher's Dirty Looks
(DC Comics) Paperback – 1989
by Keith Giffen (Author), J.M. Dematteis (Author), Bart Sears (Illustrator)

Yeah, right, we...ah...all have to go to the bathroom. Must be that bad water we drank when we together -- Quote2
- Major Disaster

At Captain Atom's suggestion, Justice League Europe begins attending night school classes to learn French, with the exception of Elongated Man and Rocket Red, who are both already fluent in the language. The aim is to improve the League's reputation in France.

The JLE attend the first class in their civilian identities. Little do they know that a second group in the class is actually the Injustice League. As the members of the class begin to recognize each other, childish antics such as talking during class, passing notes, and Flash checking out the teacher ensue. Once the Injustice League is sure that their classmates are in reality their worst enemies, they attempt to make a break for it. The JLE catches on and a battle begins.

The stern teacher, Ms. Kessler, is able to stop the fighting, but Inspector Camus arrives to arrest all of the participants. Later, Catherine Cobert bails out the League, but they group is furious when she reveals to their leader, Captain Atom could have used their diplomatic immunity to release them all.

Justice League Europe #6 : No More Teacher's Dirty

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