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by Michael Nava


A Henry Rios Mystery #1


Thirty years ago, The Little Death introduced Henry Rios, a gay, Latino criminal defense lawyer who became the central figure in a celebrated seven novel series.

In a brilliant reimagination of The Little Death, Lay Your Sleeping Head retains all the complexity and elegance of the plot of the original novel but deepens the themes of personal alienation and erotic obsession that both honored the traditions of the American crime novel and turned them on their head.

Henry Rios, a gifted and humane lawyer driven to drink by professional failure and personal demons, meets a charming junky struggling to stay clean. He tells Rios an improbable tale of long-ago murders in his wealthy family. Rios is skeptical, but the erotic spark between them ignites an obsessive affair that ends only when the man's body is discovered with a needle in his arm on the campus of a great California university.

Rios refuses to believe his lover's death was an accidental overdose. His hunt for the killer takes him down San Francisco's mean streets and into Nob Hill mansions where he uncovers the secrets behind a legendary California fortune and the reason the man he loved had to die.

Lay Your Sleeping Head

SKU: 9781945521003
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  • Michael Angel Nava is an American attorney and writer. He has worked on the staff for the California Supreme Court, and ran for a Superior Court position in 2010. He authored a seven-volume mystery series featuring Henry Rios, an openly gay protagonist who is a criminal defense lawyer. His novels have received six Lambda Literary Awards and critical acclaim in the GLBT and Latino communities.  He lives with his husband They live in Daly City, California

  • ISBN: 9781945521003
    Publisher:    Korima Press    

    Binding: Paperback
    Pub Date: November 30, 2016


    - Fiction | Mystery & Detective
    - LGBT | Gay 
    - Hispanic & Latino
    - Sex & Gender 

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