by Richard Kehl

Our newest book of quotations assembled by Richard Kehl explores the mystery of creation and celebrates its diversity. The selections come from myriad points of view—"scientific, religious, philosophical, and artistic. Sources include luminaries such as T.S. Eliot, Van Gogh and Einstein as well as Kehl favorites Rumi, Rilke and Neruda. This is a book intended for an occasional dip, rather than extended reading. The quotations provoke, question, amuse, and illuminate; they tackle the big questions, but with lightness.

ISBN-13: 9781595830142
Publisher: Laughing Elephant
Publication date: 4/28/2005
Pages: 83
Product dimensions: 5.42 (w) x 9.52 (h) x 0.34 (d)

Love Letters to the Universe *Rare

SKU: 9781595830142
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