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by Lenox

Commerative Ornament NYC TWIN TOWERS

This is a Lenox, Limited Edition 'Bandleader Mickey', FIRST IN A SERIES of annual commemorative Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade ornaments.

This VINTAGE INAUGURAL EDITION was only available in the year '2000' WHICH IS ON THE BALL made of a delicate blown CRYSTAL. Inside the crystal ball is the silver plated cityscape of NYC...Empire State building, World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square and 'Mickey' is floating down Broadway, high above the Macy building, just like the parade balloon.
It comes with a silver plated stand to display on a table or you can hang it on the tree.

Thanksgiving Day Turkey is standing next to the Macy's building.
Great for the collector and a definite source of memories & conversation.

Macy' s Christmas Mickey Mouse Ornament ; NYWTC

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