by Jennifer Berne, Eric Puybaret

Once upon a time in France, a baby was born under the summer sun. His parents named him Jacques. As he grew, Jacques fell in love with the sea. He dreamed of breathing beneath the waves and swimming as gracefully as a fish. In fact, he longed to become a manfish. Jacques Cousteau grew up to become a champion of the seas and one of the best-known oceanographers in the world. In this lovely biography, now in paperback, poetic text and gorgeous paintings come together to create a portrait of Cousteau that is as magical as it is inspiring.

Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau

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  • About The Author Born in New York City. A great place to grow up. Spent endless hours and days in the zoos, the Museum of Natural History and the Planetarium. (At night, in my bedroom, I had a little blue plastic globe with a light in it that projected stars on the ceiling, so I brought the wonders of the Planetarium home with me.) I began to write about the universe I had always loved. ISBN-13:9781452141237 Publisher:Chronicle Books LLC Publication date:03/03/2015 Pages:38 Age Range:5 - 8 Years - Juvenile Nonfiction | Biography & Autobiography - Science & Technology - Oceanographers -France - Cousteau, Jacques Yves