by Torben Kuhlmann

Torben Kulhmann's stunningly illustrated, nearly wordless tale offers a fascinating window into an imaginary, yet hauntingly familiar world under our feet, where a mole suddenly recognizes the precarious balance between progress and preservation. Kulhmann's open ended text encourages thoughtful exploration into possible solutions, and his delightful endpapers depict a montage of solutions that could very well save the moles' world and ours.


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  • About The Author Torben Kuhlmann was born in 1982 in the Lower Saxon town Sulingen . Early on, he showed his creative side with blocks from his father's lumber, but also with crayons and water colors. In kindergarten and later in school, he quickly became known as a good draftsman. Small aircraft, strange machines and steaming railways adorned his workbooks . His passion for painting and drawing grew steadily and first small exhibitions documented his progress. Crayon and watercolor became his favorite techniques . He also mastered the acrylic and oil painting, as well as the digital work with Photoshop and Painter. ISBN-13: 978-0735842083 Age Range: 4 - 8 years Hardcover: 32 pages Publisher: North South (October 1, 2015) Language: English - Books > Children's Books - Animals > Mice, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs & Squirrels