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by Valiant Comics: Mark Moretti (Author), Joe Quesada (Illustrator) 

"The 7th Dragon Part 1" - With the Weaponeer organization destroyed, Ninjak is recruited into Neville Alcott's counter intelligence group. On his first mission to Japan, a rendezvous with a former lover and a dangerous new adversary awaits. Characters: Bloodshot; Jillian Alcott; John Sinclair; Jonathan King (in a portrait); Michiko Okubo; Neville Alcott; Ninjak [Colin King]; his Aunt Margaret; Senator Yusaku Okubo; the Seventh Dragon [Goro Sanada]; Shotaro Ishimatsu (Yakuza member); Toshihiro Matsuda (Yakuza leader). Written by Mark Moretti, with art and cover by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Ninjak (1994 1st Series) #3

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