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It’s Oogie Boogie with a host of ghoulish ailments. Put on your scrubs and enter Dr. Finkelstein’s lab as you operate on the Boogie Man in this classic game of removeable parts. It will take a steady hand to get rid of Oogie’s “crawling flesh”, “spider veins”, “snake eyes” and more. Watch out for Oogie’s revenge. If your surgery fails, Oogie will let you know. So, let the incision begin before Oogie dies laughing!

Game comes complete with totally custom artwork on the game board, 12 custom “Funatomy” parts, card deck and money.

For 1 or more players. For ages 6 and up.


Series: Nightmare Before Christmas

Operation: Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas

SKU: 700304043566
  • Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Collectibles Disney's NMBC Board Games NMBC Operation by USAopoly

    Manufacturer: USAOPOLY
    Publication date: 7/11/2011


    - nightmare before christmas

    - tim burton

    - disney

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