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by Ravensburger


Lets Play! There are 140 picture tiles that show segments of rivers, roads, and rails. Place all of the picture tiles face down in the box or on the playing surface. Each player draws two picture tiles from the box and puts them face up in front of them. The players then take turns adding their pictures tiles on to an expanding network of rivers, roads, and rails. But theres a catch! Some tiles may have rivers and some may just have roads and rails, so you may not always be able to make a match. If this is the case, then draw another picture tile from the box and wait for your next turn. Once the picture tiles from the box are gone, the first player to get rid of all of their tiles wins. What do you learn? Observation skills, matching, recognition and association. Playing time 30 minutes. for 1-8 players. An ever-changing matching game, Rivers, Roads & Rails is fabulously fun way to learn planning and spacial skills. Ravensuburger is a name synonymous with not only quality, but also educational family enjoyment. 

Rivers, Roads & Rails

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  • EAN:4005556220533
    Publisher: Ravensburger    
    Release Date: March 25, 2014


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