by David Pelham


Who's stealing Sam's sister's hamburgers? It's time for Sam and his sister to turn sleuth and catch the neighborhood burger thief. In a cheerfully gross companion to Sam's Sandwich, kids who dare will be prompted to fill in the blanks that are hinted at by the rhyming text -- then lift each flap to confirm just what squirming surprise the siblings have cooked up. Ewww! Readers will be so glad not to be eating this monstrosity! But then again, who is?

Sam's Hamburger

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  • David Pelham has written and illustrated many books for children. He lives in London.

  • ISBN: 9780763698362
    Publisher:    Candlewick Press
    Binding: Hardcover
    Pub Date: May 08, 2018

    Target Age Group: 03 to 07


    - Cooking & Food 
    - Family | Siblings 
    - Humorous Stories

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