by Judy Schachner

El Skippito is back! Avoiding a lecture from Mama Junebug, the kitty boy slips into his closet . . . and finds himself in ancient Egypt. His doggy pals, Los Chimichangos, want to visit the Under Mundo—the underworld— where mummitos rest in peas. But they need El Skippito's brains and courage to answer the riddle of theFinx and enter the mummy's tomb. Our hero is up to the task, and he's in for another grand and whirlwind adventure.

Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble

SKU: 9780525477549
  • Best known for her Skippyjon Jones series, Judy Schachner has illustrated many of her own stories, including the much-loved Grannyman and its companion book, Bits & Pieces. She lives in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

  • Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
    Publication date: 10/16/2008
    Series:Skippyjon Jones Series
    Pages: 32
    Age range: 3 - 5 Years


    - Imagination & Play - Juvenile Fiction | Action & Adventure

    - Animals | Cats Dogs -Siamese cat -Dogs -Mummies -Cats

    - Chihuahua (Dog breed)

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