by Marcus Chown


Take an astonishing visual journey through time and space with Solar System, a mesmerizing way to experience the magnitude of the universe through fascinating text, original graphics, and stunning photographs, some rarely- or never-before-seen.
Never before have the wonders of our solar system been so immediately accessible to readers of all ages. Award-winning writer and broadcaster Marcus Chown combines science and history to visually and narratively explore our neighboring planets, dwarf planets, moons and asteroids, as well as all of the historical figures who aided in their discoveries. From the explosive surface of the sun to the frosty blue dunes on Mars; from the gargantuan rings of Saturn to the volcanoes of Io; from geological maps of bedrock on the Moon, to a simulation of what the Oort Cloud might look like, Solar System offers a window seat from which to view the beauty and magnificence of space.

Solar System : A Visual Exploration of All the

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  • Marcus Chown is an award-winning writer and broadcaster. Formerly a radio astronomer at the California Institute of Technology, he is now cosmology consultant for New Scientist magazine. He lives in London, England.

  • ISBN-13: 9781579128852
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    Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers 
    Publish Date: October 2011 
    Page Count: 224 

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