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by Kathleen Duey, Robert Gould (Photographer), Eugene Epstein (Illustrator)
Hardcover *Mint

A genetically altered spider bites shy, picked-on teen Peter Parker. The venom gives him superhero powers. Still, when he witnesses a robbery, he does nothing to interfere. When the same thief later kills Peter's beloved uncle, Peter agonizes, guilt-stricken -- then vows to fight crime for the rest of his life. He has learned a difficult truth: With great power comes great responsibility.

ISBN-13: 9781929945221
Publisher: Big Guy Books, Incorporated
Publication date: 7/28/2002
Series: Spider-Man Kids Series
Pages: 48
Age range: 5 - 8 Years
Product dimensions: 10.64 (w) x 9.68 (h) x 0.41 (d)

Spider-Man Ultimate Picture Book #1

  • Action & Adventure - Juvenile Fiction Fantasy & Magic
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