The Official Scrapbook of America's Favorite TV Show
by Elizabeth Edwards

Chronicling the many special moments of the years the sitcom was in production, this amazing collection of unusual mementos creates a truly unique interactive history. Each of the 193 episodes is covered, with hundreds of photos, fun facts, and authentic, personal notes. Featuring reproductions of such never-before-seen rarities as Little Ricky’s birth certificate from “Lucy Goes to the Hospital,” a candy wrapper from “Job Switching,” and Lucy and Ethel’s sightseeing tour bus tickets from “The Tour,” you can revisit your favorite moments. Read the label on Lucy’s favorite energy drink, Vitameatavegamin, or laugh at Ricky’s frantic telegram to the Marriage License Bureau in “Hollywood Anniversary.” Historic materials and the detailed narrative of Elisabeth Edwards-longtime author and friend of the families-combine in a unique experience for the true fan.

The I Love Lucy Scrapbook:

SKU: 9780762426102
  • ISBN-13: 9780762426102
    Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers
    Publication date: 10/28/2006
    Pages: 68

    - Performing Arts | Television | History & Criticism