by Tomoko Ohmura 

Come one, come all If you love excitement and fun, step right up and join the line Usually the ride itself is more fun than the lineup, but for these fifty animals, anticipation is part of the fun. Each animal is clearly numbered and named and readers will delight in counting the animals and choosing their favorites. 
Finally, it's time to board the ride Through a revealing gatefold spread, readers discover the ride is a giant whale roller coaster As the whale spins, dips, dives, and splashes, all the animals have too much fun. When the ride ends, the animals can't wait to line up again just as readers won't be able to wait to read "The Long, Long Line" again and again"

The Long, Long Line

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  • About The Author Tomoko Ohmura was born in Tokyo, and graduated from Palette Club School on her way to becoming an illustrator. Her solo picture books include Konna o-tsukai hajimete sa (The Most Amazing Shopping Trip; winner of the Pinpoint Picture Books Competition in 2002), and Kon’ya wa nan no gyōretsu? (What’re We Lining Up for Tonight?). Her collaborations with other authors include the Onayami kaiketsu kukkingu (Cook Your Troubles Away) series, the Shippu senchō (Captain Ship) series, the Tabe-jikara ehon (Food Power) series, and Fūtan no undōkai (Field Day). ISBN-13: 9781926973920 Publisher: Owlkids Publish Date: August 2013 Page Count: 40 Reading Level: Ages 3-7 - Books > Juvenile Fiction > Animals - Concepts - Counting & Numbers - Humorous Stories