by Tamsin Pickeral

Horses have played a central role in human societies for millennia, and this magnificently written and beautifully illustrated volume celebrates that long, eventful history. It pays homage not only to the physical splendor of the horse--its grace, beauty, strength, and adaptability--but also to its remarkable diversity. Equestrian specialist Tamsin Pickeral traces the evolution of many different horse breeds from the dawn of written history to the present day. Separate chapters are devoted to-- 
The Ancient World-- the nomadic horse peoples of the Eurasian steppes, the Gotland Pony, used by the Goths as chariot horses, the Camargue, an ancient working breed that was taken into Spain by the Romans, and many more
From the East-- Mongolian stocks, the influence of Ghengis Khan, the introduction of polo, the spread of the Arabian horse breed, and more
The War Horse-- the rise of the heavy cavalry horse, Charles Martel and the influence of the Crusades on horse breeding, the Spanish and Portuguese originators of horse-riding cowboys, the horse in the Napoleonic wars, and more
The New World-- the horse's arrival in South America, brought in by the Spanish, and the subsequent development of American breeds
Racing Hunting and Sports Horses-- Racing thoroughbreds, Irish hunters, Holsteins, Australian breeds, and more
Harness Horses, Carriage Driving, and Trotting-- the development of horses mainly used today for show and skill work, and German Oldenburg carriage horses, now widely used in riding competitions
Agriculture and Industry-- The transformation of war horses into widely varied breeds that were developed for working the land, working in mines, serving as police horses, and more 

Magnificent color photos by distinguished equine photographer Astrid Harrisson are complemented with reproductions of equine artworks from around the world--a total of 400 beautiful illustrations.

The Majesty of the Horse: An Illustrated History

  • Publisher: Barron's Educational Series (October 1, 2011) ISBN13: 9780764164163 ISBN10: 0764164163 Dimensions: 1.5 x 9.8 x 11.8 inches Language: English Hardcover (288 pages) - Pets | Horses - Nature | Animals | Horses -Horses -Horse breeds

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