by Keith Graves

When he entered a dusty costume store,

one that he hadn't seen before

He got what he'd bargained for . . . and more.

Enter the Monsterator if you dare.

Put a coin in the slot . . . but beware!

Join Master Edgar Dreadbury as he discovers the Monsterator, a machine that changes people into monsters in this spooky Halloween adventure from Keith Graves.

The Monsterator

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  • About The Author Keith Graves, author, renowned intellectual, and former javelin thrower has been creating weird, yet lovely stuff since the early sixties when he was a child in New Orleans. Graves's early creations include a scale model Peruvian boat made from mimosa tree droppings, a comedic play for his fifth grade class based on the siege of the Alamo, and a dead-on caricature of Mr. Tuminello (his tenth grade algebra teacher) which earned him rave reviews from classmates and a trip to the office. As an adult, Mr. Graves has received high marks from second graders everywhere (except Wisconsin) for works such as FRANK WAS A MONSTER WHO WANTED TO DANCE, PET BOY, and UNCLE BLUBBAFINK'S SERIOUSLY RIDICULOUS STORIES. This fall, Keith's newest book LORETTA: ACE PINKY SCOUT arrives in bookstores across this vast planet. ISBN-13:9781596438552 Publisher:Roaring Brook Press Publication date:08/12/2014 Pages:40 Age Range:7 - 10 Years - Juvenile Fiction | Holidays & Celebrations | Halloween - Humorous Stories - Science Fiction - Toy and movable books -Stories in rhyme - Monsters -Halloween

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