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by Oscar Wilde, Bill Bell


Every afternoon, the children played in the Giant's garden. It was a large, lovely garden. After many years of being away, the Giant returned home and found the children playing in his garden. "What are you doing here?" he cried in a very gruff voice. Now, the Giant must decide: Will he share the garden or keep its beauty for himself?Children's Literature - Sylvia FirthMany editions of Wilde’s tale of morality have been published over the years. As the title states, Giant is selfish and bans the children from playing in his lovely garden. When spring arrives, Giant is very puzzled because winter remains in the garden. None of the other seasons put in an appearance either. One morning, the Giant becomes aware of a captivating scent in his bedroom. Much to his surprise, the boys and girls are back and sitting in a tree while the garden is now fully in bloom. But there is one section where winter remains, along with a small boy who could not climb into the nearby tree. Without meaning to, Giant frightens the children and only the tiny boy remains as winter reenters the garden. Tenderly, Giant places the child in the tree. The other children return, and spring soon follows. For many years the youngsters and Giant enjoy the garden together. Though Giant always looks for the tiny boy, he never returns. Now very old, Giant is astonished on a winter morning to discover the lad under a tree in full bloom. Seeing wounds on the boy’s hands and feet, Giant becomes angry. However, he is comforted and told that now he will go to Paradise. That afternoon the children discover the flower-covered body of Giant. While some may object to the content, every collection for children should contain a version of this well-known fairy tale. Zwerger’s delicately colored illustrations are perfectly suited to convey the actions and emotions offered in the text. If needed, add this wonderful edition. Reviewer: Sylvia Firth; Ages 5 to 8.

The Selfish Giant

SKU: 9780517220092
  • ISBN-13:9780517220092

    Publisher:Random House Value Publishing, Incorporated

    Publication date:10/16/2001


    Books: Juvenile Fiction


    - Fairy Tales & Folklore

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