By Sean Ferrell, Illustrated by: Charles Santoso

Some days are Snurtch days. Ruthie is having one of those. 

Ruthie has a problem at school. 

It is not the students. It is not the classroom. It is not the reading or the writing or the math. It is something scribbly, scrunchy, grabby, burpy, and rude. It is the Snurtch. 

From the team behind I Don’t Like Koala, this clever picture book takes a discerning look at the challenges of behaving and controlling your emotions—especially when your own personal monster keeps getting in the way.

The Snurtch

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  • About The Author Sean Ferrell is the author of two novels for adults, Numb and Man in the Empty Suit. He has since grown up and started writing for children, too. His picture book I Don’t Like Koala was published by Atheneum in 2015, and The Snurtch, also from Atheneum, will be published in 2016. He lives and works, in no particular order, in Brooklyn. ISBN 9781481456562 publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers 40 pages release: August 2016 - Behavior -Imaginary playmates