by Keith Lamb 


To revive the art of conversation, TAOC is a fabulous way to make dinner parties, barbeques, holiday occasions and all get-togethers memorable. With 300 fascinating and conversation building questions, plus blank cards on which to write your own TAOC questions, this game is for everyone. to TAOC is your own life experiences, interests and ideas. TAOC may be used hundreds of times with continuing interest and pleasure. For all ages, adult and children (may be played at various levels). For dinner parties, barbecues, holidays, get-togethers with friends, families and couples. Each time TAOC is used, new and harmonious outcomes evolve. For ages 12 and up.

The The Art of Conversation

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  • ISBN-13: 9780646462141 Manufacturer: PSI Publication date: 4/7/2008 Grown-ups Boys & Girls Party Games 12-14 years Party Games