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by Jason Lefebvre, Zac Retz


Matty LOVES glue. At home with Dad, he makes glue glasses, glue mustaches, and glue bouncy balls. But at school, Matty’s art teacher worries and warns, “Too much glue never dries.” In art class one day, Matty decides to make the most fantastic glue project ever, with a super- special ingredient - himself! Ignoring his teacher’s warnings, Matty belly-flops onto the glue- covered table, rolls all around in the sequins and glitter, and encounters an unexpected glitch - when he tries to get up, he boings right back into the slippery, sticky mess! This calls for a dose of imagination and a little help from friends. They try a gigantic tow truck, some yarn lassoes, and dabbing Matty with everything in the nurse's bag – but each wacky attempt only makes things worse! Finally Matty gets an idea from his hyperventilating teacher. Will it work, or will Matty be a half-boy, half-art project stuck- to-a-table forever?

Too Much Glue

SKU: 9781936261277
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  • Jason Lefebvre was born and raised in Holyoke, MA where he still resides, Many of his story ideas come directly from his experiences as a preschool paraprofessional, and his job at the Holyoke Public Library, where he's been a children’s librarian since 2005. Too Much Glue is based on a myth perpetuated by preschool teachers worldwide that too much glue never dries. We do this for the good of all humankind and to prevent children of all ages from gluing themselves to their desks. 

  • ISBN-13: 9781936261277

    Publisher: Flashlight Press

    Publication date: 09/01/2013

    Pages: 32

    Age Range: 5 - 7 Years


    - Juvenile Fiction | Humorous Stories - Imagination & Play - Glue


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