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by Victor Villasenor

These are the stories of Victor Villaseñor's childhood. Magical, yet true, they are fables of endurance, defeat and triumph, spirituality, and, always, of love. Handed down through the generations, the Villase-or's have been telling these family tales for years. Now, Victor shares them with his unmistakable storyteller style, complete with beautiful imagery and timeless significance.
Set against the backdrop of the Mexican revolution and his family's migration to the United States, these stories feature a cast of unforgettable characters who have in common their perseverance and courage. They encounter the supernatural, escape persecution by rebel soldiers, endure hunger, thirst and physical stress, and ultimately, transcend their circumstances to achieve their dreams. They are indeed walking stars.

Victor Villaseñor works his magic once again with these extraordinary stories.

Autobiographical stories about growing up as the son of Mexican immigrants in California.

Walking Stars: Stories of Magic and Power

SKU: 9781558853942
  • Victor Villasenor is a Mexican-American writer living in Oceanside, CA. He has overcome dyslexia to write 5 best sellers, which includes his epic family historical novel, 'Rain of Gold'! Victor had 265 rejections before he sold his first book. In addition to his 5 bestsellers Victor has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize THREE times! Today Rain of Gold is on the recommended reading list for the California State Board of Education. In 2005, the New York Public Library placed his book 'Burro Genius' on the list of Top Books for Teens.

  • ISBN: 9781558853942

    Publisher: Arte Publico Press
    Publication date: 9/1/1994
    Edition description: New Edition
    Pages: 202
    Age range: 12 - 17 Years


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    -  Authors, American -Biography

    -  Mexican Americans -Novelists, American - Social life and customs

    -  20th century - California -Villasenor, Victor

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