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by William Kotzwinkle, Glenn Murray, Audrey Colman (Illustrator),

Warning: This book may cause flatulence. Walter is a fine dog, except for one small problem: he has gas. He can't help it; it's just the way he is. Fortunately, the kids Billy and Betty love him regardless, but Father says he's got to go! Poor Walter, he's going to the dog pound tomorrow. And then, in the night, burglars strike. Walter has his chance to be a hero. A children's beloved classic, this story will have kids rolling on the floor with laughter. Adults are permitted to laugh too.

Walter the dog creates problems with his farts but becomes a hero when burglars enter the house.


Series: Walter The Farting Dog

Walter the Farting Dog

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  • William Kotzwinkle is the author of eighteen children's books, including The World is Big and I'm So Small, Tales from the Empty Notebook, The Nap Master, E.T. The Extraterrestrial and E.T. The Book of the Green Planet. His books for adults include The Bear Went Over the Mountain, The Fan Man, Fata Morgana, and Doctor Rat. He is the two-time winner of the National Magazine Award for Fiction and the World Fantasy Award. His books are published all over the world.


    Glen Murray is a supervisor for educational technology in New Brunswick, Canada. He spends a lot of time in schools where he often mixes business with pleasure by reading to elementary classes. He has written radio dramas for the CBC, as well as articles on Canadian history and technology. He recently worked with the Lung Association on their Flight for Life project, raising awareness from coast to coast about air quality and the environment.


    Audrey Colman is an artist and designer living in Berkeley, California. This is her first children's book. She is also the author and illustrator of Francine, Francine the Beach Party Queen! 

  • Publisher: North Atlantic Books

    Publication date: 11/28/2001

    Series: Walter the Farting Dog Series

    Pages: 32

    Age range: 5 - 8 Years


    - Dogs -Flatulence

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