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by Brian Conaghan

All Dylan Mint has ever wanted is to keep his Tourette’s in check and live life as a “normal” teenager. The swearing, the tics, the howling “dog” that escapes when things are at their worst—nothing about Tourette’s makes it easy to meet cute girls or have normal friends (or many friends at all). But a routine hospital visit changes everything—Dylan overhears that he's going to die. In an attempt to claim the life he’s always wanted, he decides to grant himself parting wishes, or “Cool Things To Do Before I Cack It”. In an intimate portrayal of life with Tourette’s, Dylan’s journey to come to terms with the disorder that has defined his life and his preconceptions about the world around him is hilarious, painful and, ultimately, utterly masterful.

ISBN-13: 9781619633469
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication date: 6/10/2014
Pages: 368
Age range: 14 years

When Mr. Dog Bites

  • - Juvenile Fiction | Social Issues | Special Needs - Health & Daily Living | Diseases, Illnesses & Injuries - Death & Dying - Tourette syndrome -Terminally ill - Interpersonal relations -Schools - Family life -England - Family / Parents - Love & Romance - Emotions - Friendship
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