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by USAopoly

What do you fear most? Is it zombies trying to eat your brainz? Well fear no more, because with Plants vs. Zombies Yahtzee you can shake up some zombie brainz instead! Look at that conehead zombie dice cup, he’s just asking to have his brainz shaken.

Dig into the action with Plants vs. Zombies Yahtzee!

The Zombies are Coming... To your TableTop

Get ready to join the Zombies and make some killz NOW with Plants vs. Zombies Yahtzee! Shake up some zombie brainz with a collectible Conehead Zombie dice cup filled with custom dice that feature Crazy Dave and your favorite powerful plants. Get 5 Crazy Dave's and yell out Yahtzee for the win! There's no win quite as frightening as that!

Ages 8+ | 1+ Players


Yahtzee : Plants vs. Zombies Collector's Edition

SKU: 0700304046253
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