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by Welleran Poltarnees, Welleran Poltarnees
New Hardcover - Mint Edition

Like most of us the author did not appreciate his parents until he was grown and a parent himself. For his father's eightieth birthday he wrote him a letter which gave detailed expression to his gratitude. This letter was the beginning point of this book. He thanks his father for sharing his enthusiasms, giving him a sense of stability during the chaos of growing up, teaching him to play and laugh, and always believing in his worth. Because of his gift for pairing antique images with words the author was able to reinforce his thoughts with imagery. This is an deal gift from either sons or daughters for Father's Day, a father's birthday, a new father, or any time one wishes to say "thank you."

ISBN-13: 9781883211653
Publisher: Laughing Elephant
Publication date: 12/28/2002
Pages: 48

A Book For My Father

SKU: 9781883211653
  • Self-Help | Motivational & Inspirational - Family & Relationships | Parenting | Fatherhood -Father and child-Fathers
  • WELLERAN POLTARNEES has a lifelong love of gardens. His first memory is falling out of his baby carriage and landing on a bed of odorous white flowers which not only kept him from injury, but made the experience a sensual delight. He collects books about, and pictures of, gardens -- but there are few timeless things that he does not so honor. He uses a book called Great Gardens of the World as a guide whenever he travels, and, with the exception of the Boboli Gardens in Florence, which came highly recommended and which he found monotonous -- the gardens have always refreshed him. His favorite time for gardens is night. His favorite garden music is Manuel De Falla's ""Nights in the Gardens of Spain"", and his favorite garden poem is ""The Garden"" by Andrew Marvell.

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