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Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack features 10 ghoulishly delightful songs and score by renowned composer/songwriter Danny Elfman, lead singer of the popular rock group Oingo Boingo. Embracing the traditional musical structure of 10 songs and underscore, Elfman creates a musical landscape in which the story narrative is wholly integrated into each musical number. Allowing the film's fantastic characters to come convincingly to life, the songs set into "stop-motion" the fanciful tale of Jack Skellington with haunting melodies, vivid imagery, and spectacular wordplay. Supported by an evocative and suspenseful underscore, the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack is a dazzling marriage of music and innovative technique.


The film's production numbers include: "This Is Halloween," the song that introduces the storyline; "Jack's Lament," in which Jack expresses his frustration with his life; "What's This?," Jack's exuberant testimonial to Christmastown; "Town Meeting Song," which introduces the denizens of Halloweentown; "Jack's Obsession," in which Jack realizes his newfound desire for Christmas; "Kidnap the Sandy Claws," which unveils Lock, Shock, and Barrel's plan to abduct Santa Claus; "Making Christmas," Halloweentown's off-kilter impression of Christmas; "Sally's Song," a tender ballad of unrequited love; "Oogie Boogie's Song," the evil demon's gloriously ghoulish tribute to himself; "Poor Jack," a song of self-awakening, in which Jack discovers he truly belongs in Halloweentown; and the finale reprise performed by Jack, Sally, and the citizens of Halloweentown.


  1. Overture - Orchestra
  2. Opening - Patrick Stewart
  3. This Is Halloween - Danny Elfman
  4. Jack's Lament - Citizens Of Halloween Town
  5. Doctor Finkelstein/In The Forest - Danny Elfman
  6. What's This? - Patrick Stewart And Halloween Cast
  7. Town Meeting Song - Danny Elfman
  8. Jack And Sally Montage - Danny Elfman And Cast
  9. Jack's Obsession - Patrick Stewart And Halloween Cast
  10. Kidnap The Sandy Claws - Danny Elfman And Cast
  11. Making Christmas - Danny Elfman And The Citizens Of Halloween Town
  12. Nabbed - Patrick Stewart And Halloween Cast
  13. Oogie Boogie's Song - Ken Page With Ed Ivory
  14. Sally's Song - Cathrine O'Hara
  15. Christmas Eve Montage - Patrick Stewart And Halloween Cast
  16. Poor Jack - Danny Elfman
  17. To The Rescue - Patrick Stewart And Halloween Cast
  18. Finale/Reprise - Danny Elfman, Cathrine O'Hara, Citizens of Halloween...
  19. Closing - Patrick Stewart
  20. End Title - Patrick Stewart And Halloween Cast 


Danny Elfman - The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack

SKU: B000001M1W
  • Used - Very Good


    Audio CD (October 12, 1993)
    Original Release Date: October 29, 1993
    Number of Discs: 1
    Format: Soundtrack
    Label: Walt Disney Records
    Run Time: 76 minutes
    ASIN: B000001M1W

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